Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Get out of my dreams....

Well, not much chance of a guy getting into my new car when it's as girly as this!

Yes I am the proud owner of a '99 VW Golf - which is so bright red the side of the house is tinged pink when I'm parked there.

It is in tip-top condition, and purrs like a kitten. Basil must like it too, because his pawprints were all over it this morning.

This is my old car:

A '90 Suzuki Escudo. It was a most reliable vehicle, but really, is it REALLY fitting for a 29 (gasp) year old with a good job and nice home to drive around in a car advertising surf wear with no stereo and squeaky brakes? I think not. Luckily I was able to trade it in, and only felt a small pang of regret as I peeled away from the dealers. Regret that I didn't sell it sooner!

So I have already kitted out the glovebox with all the necessities of travel, tissues, pens and gum, and have even put coinage in a little compartment for toll roads. I have worked out how to use the stezza, which is all in Japanese, and have my favourite CD's on high rotation. The air-con is on freezing and the seat set to laid-back, and I think I would live in there if I could. My friends are all, wow, it's uh......really Bright. And it is! It's a snazzy bit of sunshine to brighten my day, and damned if it isn't the best therapy I've had in a long time. Oh the joy.

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