Thursday, 10 January 2008

I'm not boasting but....

I have recently moved seats in my office, which is an open plan environment, to a flash corner desk by a window. I know, it's the little things. I tend to spend a fair amount of time staring out of said window.

At the moment, the view is driving me nuts. I can see a huge vista of bright blue sky, trees dancing in the breeze, and scantily dressed mallrats heading into town to perve at the hot surfer backpackers who have turned up for the summer. Feel sorry for me then, as I contemplate making a cup of tea to warm my hands because the air-conditioning is up so high one of my workmates complained to Help that he couldn't get out of his desk because of all the frozen corpses. I just went for a walk around the block to warm up a bit, and upon walking back into reception, I was reminded of walking into the beer cooler rooms with Dad when I was a kid, at the local bottle store. We would have a competition to see who could stand it the longest.

But anyway. It is nice to get home and sit here:

This was my spot at 6:30pm last night. A ciggie, a vodka lime and soda, and a biography of Walt Disney. I could feel the warmth seeping back into me like warm butter.

Tonight I'm zipping home, grabbing my togs and meeting a friend for a swim at the beach. We're then going to grab a bite to eat and watch the sunset. Stink huh?

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Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Why yes, I am a bit envious. Enjoy. I'll remind you of this in six months when you're shivering in your southern hemisphere winter. ;-)