Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Rant rant rant.

I'm sensing somewhat of a pattern here. I start the week in a monstrously bad mood....then by the end of the week I'm all fine again. It's like that Snoopy cartoon, you know the one where from Monday to Thursday he's on top of his doghouse looking grumpy, then on Friday his ears perk up, then Saturday and Sunday he's doing his Snoopy dance. I would post it but have just spent ten minutes searching for it and it's nowhere to be found.
Anyhoo Tuesday 17th of July hasn't started well.....the traffic into work this morning was appalling and our little car pool group were all late for work. Then I find that the new desk I was given yesterday has been taken off me for the day due to technology issues and I'm back in my broom closet. Plus all the work I left in perfect order had been chucked to the side and is now in a big mess. Then my eczema has returned with a vengeance due to the cold weather so I am all red-faced, red-eyed and constantly scratching. You're probably thinking jeez, this girl Always has something wrong with her! But seriously....the last few weeks have been a doozy that's for sure. I think it must be all the stress of moving.
Oh yeah and last night, my grandmother very kindly rang to tell me she saw my ex on TV last night being interviewed at a curling competition in Central Otago where it was minus 12 yesterday. "He was such a handsome lad. What went wrong there?" Um dead and buried Grandma and I'd appreciate you not bringing it up thankyouverymuch.
Bah. So anyway...I feel somewhat better.
Positive things to note!
  • I got paid today and for once don't owe anyone any money
  • There will always be Chicken Noodle cup of soups
  • Date Man doesn't snore.

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Jennifer said...

I like how you snuck in "Date Man doesn't snore." Very tricky. I take it things are going well?

Did you get moved in? If so, how is the house?