Thursday, 19 July 2007

Ears are slowly perking up

Well it's Thursday and as predicted, the weekend's around the corner and nothing can get me down. Only 2 days before I move into my new house, which is so exciting I can't even think about it as my head may explode.

Other things I am stoked about - I finished this last night:

sorry for crappy pic. I have been working on this since Sunday night, it was really difficult! In case you're wondering what it's a picture of, it's a jigsaw of old school tarot cards. Dad has lots of old jigsaws in his cupboard which I may liberate for him as I have found it's quite cathartic pouring a glass of wine, putting some good tunes on and pottering away on my jigsaw. An enormous sense of satisfaction was felt when fitting the very last piece.

Update on the skin rash from hell - after wheedling a faxed prescription for Elocon out of my doctor in Auckland it is now nearly gone. I tell you that stuff is gold in a tube. And it only cost me $3. For once I agree with a product that the NZ govt agrees to subsidise.

Also today I received in the post from StrawberryNet (I don't need to link it as every single woman in the world should have this in her favourites) a coffret of By by Dolce and Gabbana. The leopardskin packaging is going to look very hip in my new black and white bathroom. It's a bonus that it happens to smell mega hot also.

Right time for a chicken noodle cup of soup and I shall leave you with this, which I find utterly hilarious.

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Jennifer said...

I LOVE doing puzzles! I only do a few a year, but when I do them, they're tough. Have you tried the 3-D puzzles yet? The Sears Tower in Chicago nearly kicked my butt and Neuschwanstein in Germany was also pretty brutal.