Friday, 13 July 2007

Hola chicos.
As it is Friday, and Sunny, and I have another date tonight, I am in a somewhat better mood.

The week has possibly been one of the most boring of my entire life. Bed at 8:30! Boring book by Paul Theroux (sp?) to get through!Crap on the telly! But hey I needed a lot ahead this week coming up.

Moving house on Saturday! Packing all week! Organising movers and delivery men and people to help! If you're in Tauranga on Saturday 21st, please feel free to come over and lend a hand. I would appreciate it muchly, and you'll probably get a beer or 5 for it.

Anyhoo this weekend is looking pretty good so far. The weather is supposed to be pristine, which is always good times. Tonight Date Man and I are meeting for an afterwork drinkie on the Strand, where wine is $3 a glass till 9pm (I guess about $2 USD) so you know, I may be somewhat sozzled. Saturday is going to be shopping and packing, then on Sunday friends are here from Auckland so we are going to walk around here:

because this is where I live. Lucky huh!
So a very nice social weekend....just as I like it.
hope you all have super weekends, Aims

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Jennifer said...

That sounds like the makings of a terrific weekend!

I really wish I could help you pack and move, but I'm thinking the 18 hours of flying from the U.S. forbids it. :-)