Wednesday, 20 June 2007

On my lunch break I.....

Check out gift shops for cool things for the house. Decide I need to get engaged/married/turn 21 again so that I won't have to pay for everything I like myself.

Watched Dr Phil while having a baked bean toasted sandwich. Dr Phil was telling a guy with a giant ego to Get Over Himself! I think, let him have some self-esteem, what's wrong with that? Contemplate emailing Dr Phil but then come back to my senses.

Get called "Deary" by the Sikh dairy owner while getting my chocolate fix. I find this very cute.

Worry about my current chocolate addiction as I'm normally a entree/main kind of girl as opposed to main/dessert. Has the dreaded sweet tooth caught up with me?

Decide I have had enough of winter and put a warmer jacket on.


Jennifer said...

A baked bean toasted sandwich? Really?

What kinds of fun things are you finding for the house?

Aims said...

Oh yeah...baked beans and cheese. mmmm. Food of the Gods.
Um I have found some gorgeous hand soap and body lotion for the bathroom! And a funky oven you know - really practical useful things. Fridges and washing machines can wait :-)