Monday, 18 June 2007

Spoilt rotten

This weekend was spent back in Hawkes Bay visiting my parents. There's something about going home on a cold winter weekend that just feels good.

We went down to their little place in the country and had a fantastic time. I always feel like a farm girl at heart, even though I cannot climb a fence, so it was lovely to put the wellies on and stride out in the frosty air.
As you can see it was VERY cold, about 7 degrees, so many pots of tea were consumed and the fire was roaring all day. We polished the family silver and played cards, and I made a cassoulet of lamb, sausage and pancetta which turned out pretty good although extremely salty, necessitating in the need for litres of water during the night. Should have soaked the pancetta first.

We celebrated the buying of my first house with Piper-Heidsieck and caviar, which I thought I'd hate (not a huge fan of fish) but it was delicious. Mum put a little dab of it with some creme fraiche on a teaspoon and it was perfect. I think I couldn't really taste it as Ollie the human cat had given me hayfever and I had a blocked nose. I know, allergic to cats, ironic. Is it ironic? I am always scared to use that word.

Yesterday I did jigsaws then laughed myself silly going through all my old photos from school days. Man I had some eyebrows. I would post them here, but I have no idea how, as have no scanner. I put together all my 21st presents and engagement presents that have been lying around for years (yes! I've been engaged before) as haven't had a decent house to put them in..but now I do! Not quite as cute as this, but it'll do.

It's Mum's dream cottage and I love it as much as she does.

Anyway though - back to reality and work in Tauranga. Highlights of the week to come! Builders report - will it pass? LIM report - will I ever understand what this is? Miss Potter at the movies - will I be able to stop myself from eating enormous amounts of popcorn? Stay tuned to find out.

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great weekend. What a cute house. So it was chilly there? So hard to fathom since it's summer here and was 88F (about 31 C) yesterday.