Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Have run out of biblical references...

So the wait is on. I haven't slept properly in 4 days. Last night I believe I was awake for 2 hours dithering over whether to put the drying rack on rainy days in the spare room, or the office. Of a house I don't even own yet. YET.
They have accepted our offer, so we are rushing a sale and purchase through, and it should (PLEASE!) all be done by tomorrow evening. Then it's a building report, then we go unconditional, then we settle late July. Time is going veeeeery slooooowly.
A sneak peek at the house:

I won't show any more Just In Case it all turns to custard. But isn't it adorable?

On a completely different note.....oh who am I kidding, it's all about the house. I have nothing more to add as it's filling my days and nights, and everything else is out the window. Cross fingers that I'll be posting more pictures tomorrow.

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Jennifer said...

How cute! From the photo, it looks like it's been well maintained (or at least fixed up to sell). Good luck!