Friday, 8 June 2007

And the lending begat a sense of anxiety

So am in that wonderful phase of real estate - the "wait and see" bit. We'll wait before we put an offer on...then we'll see if they accept it. In the meantime I am mentally decorating the house in my head. With awesomely expensive things, like this.
I covet that wallpaper. I have decided that my colour scheme will be dark red, pale green, dark dark brown, and cream. Sounds hideous but works well funnily enough. Will post photos of progress anyway. Listen to me - we haven't even put an offer on yet!!

ANYHOO.....what else is on. This weekend I am heading back to Auckland to catch up with the crew. I intend to have a very Auckland weekend of sitting in bars nattering, and shopping (window shopping). NZ has just had the first snowfall of the season down South, so it will be a lovely cozy winter weekend. On the news this morning they showed the farms down South - where Jimmy lives - and all the sheep were covered in snow and looking somewhat sad. Poor things. Now that I think about it I would have been a terrible farmer's wife. All the sheep would be in by the fire and I would be making them hot soup.

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Jennifer said...

I love decorating in my head! So much fun and doesn't cost any money. It's hard to think about winter since it's almost summer here in the U.S. :-)