Wednesday, 6 June 2007

And there was finance, and she saw that it was good.

So today was a very scary appointment with a mortgage broker in Tauranga, who I don't mind naming because they are super good. It was somewhat embarrassing having to list my "assets" - of which there are none - well, a rusty bucket of a stupid car (still hating it), a minor share portfolio, and some jewellery. Also had to hand over 3 months worth of bank statements. This was even more embarrassing. Bars, restaurants, clothes, bars and more bars. I guess later on I'll frame it as a reminder of what my life used to be like before I moved to suburbia and became an average Kiwi saddled with an enormous mortgage. AND I haven't even had kids yet.

So the visit to the coveted house went well - it is just super super adorable. I hope the owners haven't found this blog, because if they have, then the house needs a lot of work and the traffic noise really is appalling. And what were they thinking with that gorgeous landscaped garden and polished rimu floors....I guess the next step is to put an offer on (eeeeeek!).

In the meantime I am still looking at other houses, albeit somewhat half heartedly, so that I shan't be tooooo disappointed if it all falls through. Who am I kidding....I'll be devo'd. Wish me luck!

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