Sunday, 3 June 2007

The Book of Real Estate, C1v1

Oh hi! This post may look weird because I am writing it from my sister's iBook. I can't quite get the hang of it. She scorns a PC but I am so used to them after 7 years of staring at one that I think they are the way to go.
Anyhoo it's Queen's Birthday weekend this weekend....the last public holiday in NZ for till October. Most people use it as a last ditch attempt to get out and commune with nature before succumbing to the hibernational urge of Winter...but I am doing something quite different.

That's right people....I am Trying to Buy a House. I am boring myself already. I am living, sleeping, eating and breathing Tauranga Real Estate. Having never bought anything more than an insanely expensive fake fur coat, I am finding it all quite hard to take seriously. I have looked at about 8 houses this weekend, all quite varied, some that were an affront to my standard of living recently...(thank you Mum for letting me live in your apartment in Auckland). BUT the time has come to get on with it.

I have done what everyone says not to do and fallen in love with a house before I've even gone through it (3pm tomorrow and I am counting down). It's just perfect - french doors off the lounge, lots of sun, wooden floors, 3 bedroom, off street parking, and within my price range. It also has a lemon tree and a stand of rose bushes under the kitchen window. Could that be more pretty? I am already going through House and Garden and Urbis and thinking of ways to decorate it. So please everyone...wish me luck....that it's as good as it looks in the photos (enough of the hollow laughter) and that absolutely noone else has seen the ad and they want a super quick sale.

As an aside, I will FINALLY be able to get a pet cat. I have had 2 cats in my previous lives, and something always happened (usually a heartbreak) that involved having to move and give the cats away, which was gut-wrenching. (they were called Polly and Rudy if anyone is interested....but that's a whole post in itself). Finally I am going to be settled down and with my own place. I am going to head to the SPCA, slam my wallet on the counter and bark "gimme the oldest, ugliest moggy you've got!" and hopefully a big mangled ginger tom gets carried out. Things for you to think about - possible names for this lucky feline.
This weekend I am housesitting at my sisters (off visiting the grandparents) and they have 2 moggies, Rita and Minnie. I have already bought them 4 lots of flash cat food. Anyhoo point being: the title of my blog will finally have some meaning.

Will post again after I make a decision on this the meantime - would love to hear some funny real estate stories, and possibly some positive far I'm getting a fair amount of Negative Nancys and Nigels!

Oh yeah also. Having viewed my sister and her husband stare blankly at the fridge when it came time for dinner on Friday, (they're up to week 6 of nocturnal interruptions) I have just made 6 dinners of lasagne, beef and red wine casserole and chicken, bacon and mushrooms in a creamy white wine sauce, and put them in the freezer. I draw the line at providing extra breast milk however.

Aims xxxx

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Jennifer said...

Good luck!!!!

I am a big believer in karma where real estate is concerned. The first house we bought, we knew it was The One before we even walked in. Our current house, we knew it was The One as soon as we walked in. Pretty amazing, considering how hideous the decor was and how much work we've done on it. But, we were right.