Thursday, 17 May 2007

You say Cirrhosis, I say So what

So you thought today I'd be perhaps contemplating life during my last day at work....some musings perhaps on my time here and how the experience has shaped me as a person blah blah blah....
But no. On my last day at work, I am trying very very hard to not throw up in the rubbish bin. Yes it was a big night out last night. An old mate was back in the country from being in the Caymans for a couple of years, and I did feel the need to welcome her home with a couple of wines.
The night involved a lot of screaming, a fair amount of gossip and possibly a couple of emo moments.
At the pub later on I may have mooted that we should Stay Out All Night! I even put out there that It Didn't Matter that I was doing Jaegermeister was my last day at work!
A point to remember: when you and your old school friends are sitting at a bar in Parnell singing old school hymns in the best operatic voices we could's time to go home.So anyhoo here I am.....looking like Britney Spears at Burger King....about to give a leaving speech to 100 people. Wish me luck!

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