Thursday, 17 May 2007

What a day 14 Mar 07

Hola chicos....
what a day! Here we are in Buenos Aires - totally amazing. First of all we both had a brilliant flight.... delayed a couple of hours so had a few wines. Flight was great - love love love sleeping pills. Woke up just as breakfast was being served then flew over the pampas and into BA. Customs and Baggage and Taxis all so so easy.
Got to our cute hostel which is great, just as we imagined. So nice having own room and bathroom. Went out to explore San Telmo (area where we are staying) - lots of parks and antique stores. Things of note; 2 guys beating the crap out of each other with everyone standing around smoking ciggies watching laconically; EVERYONE smokes; there are mozzies everywhere, thank god for Deet.
Had what we would call an antipasto platter for dins, but it was really just meat with meat and some meat as well. The salami was amazing. Tonight we are on a mission to find our first parillo (mixed grill restaurant) and have these steaks everyone is talking about.
Today we are heading to Palermo and Ricoleta to check out a religious theme park, Evita´s museum and grave and this amazing big cemetary. Well that´s the plan anyway!
Everyone very friendly, except for, funnily enough, other English backpackers. Weird.
Hasta Luego,Aims xxx

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