Thursday, 17 May 2007

My poor arteries

Hola chicos and chicas,
So first full day of being a tourist yesterday! Note to self - when planning things to do always tack on an extra 3 hours to cover fluffing about, walking 4 blocks in the wrong direction (Mum I should have learnt to use that compass properly!) and finding that no bank in the whole of BA wants to change our USD. As a result our trip so far has been very cheap!
So went to the Cemeteria de Ricoleta which is insane, full of these massive crypts that have about 11 coffins each in them, and you can look at them through a window...very cool and different. Evita was buried there so heaps of tourists checking that out.
Then we went off to Ave Florida, this ENORMOUS street FULL of shops. It just went On and On and On. Thousands of people hawking things. A billion leather stores. We bought postcards! Big spenders.
Had a steak the size of a baby´s head in San Telmo last night along with more meat garnishes. Seriously we have been here 2 days and I am having an apple for breakfast and putting it on a par with heaven.
Things to note; there are dogs everywhere (pets not strays) yet if I try to pat them the owner looks at me like I am crazy. Went on first taxi trip in city yesterday and only nearly died twice which was a bonus. Brilliant. Had first bottle of Argentinian Malbec last night - delicious.
Anyhoo off to book ferry tickets to Uruguay for early tomorrow morning. Checking out La Boca this afternoon. Love Aims xxxx

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