Thursday, 17 May 2007

Has it only been 4 days?

So today we are in Uruguay and I am typing on a Very crappy keyboard so this might have to be a short one.Highlights of last few days - seeing Evitas grave, checking out La Boca and having the best steak of our lives. Seriously they look at you funnny when you ask for salad. Lots of nice red wine too.Took the ferry over this morning - Montevideo much more laid back than BA and small. Jimmy has discovered heaven on earth with a food court consisting entirely of parillas - every type of meat you can imagine cooked over fire on a grill. so So good. We had pig for lunch and are going back tonight for more. Have learnt to avoid the fries.Going to meet up with Jimmys farmer friend Don Heckler tomorrow in Punta del Este so looking forward to gettgin going on the farm front.We are both well and happy and cant wait to bore you all with our stories,Love Aims

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