Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Victim Statement

This morning I got up before dawn to make the trip to Tauranga for work. At the moment I am dossing in my parent's apartment in town as my flattie and I are between flats. So my car was SUPPOSEDLY in a secure carpark.
I got to my car, and found the doors unlocked. Someone had stolen pretty much everything from inside. This may not sound like much, but unfortunately for me, I had moved in the weekend, and had used my car as a storage place. The items that the thieves stole have got NO VALUE to them, yet are priceless to me.
  • A print of Katherine Mansfield by Anne Estelle Rice, that my sister had framed for me for Christmas a few years ago. KM is our second cousin and her stories are special to our family.
  • A print of Rozzie at Pisa by Grahame Sydney, my all time favourite painting that I had coveted for years until Mum had it framed for me for my birthday last year.
  • Framed photos of a trip James and I made to the yellow eyed penguins in Moeraki last year that are no longer on my memory card and were my first effort at "proper" photography. They are also an endangered species so was hoping to keep these photos in the family.
  • My Sony Discman, that I bought in 2000, and has to be the most reliable piece of technology I have ever owned. My radio doesn't work in my car, so I had to listen to my own rage the whole way down.
  • A CD that Lizzie had made for me that was full of songs that we had thrashed one boozy night out.
  • My George Michael CD. You do NOT want to get between me and George Michael. I love him.
  • A little kit of car cleaning products that my parents had lovingly put together for me last time I visited them.

All of these things are worth about $20 retail in NZ. Yet to me they were so important....I imagine they have been scattered on the road somewhere in Auckland looking like worthless junk.

Hopefully soon I'll come to terms with losing what really are just material possessions but right now it just seems UNFAIR.

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