Thursday, 17 May 2007

City Girl Farmer Boy 22 Feb 07

So today I met one of my all time idols.....the incomparable Bill Bryson. He was doing a signing and I lined up with my copy of A Short History of Nearly Everything along with half of Auckland. We were rushed through like sheep at drenching time (oh yeah I'm there) and eventually I got my 5 seconds - I said "you're a leftie like me!" (by that I mean we write with our left hands, not a leftie socialist hippie) and he said "all the best people are lefties!" to which I whole-heartedly agreed. And that was that. He was very polite and cute with his little chipmunk face and big glasses. Bring on the next book I say!

At the other end of the country Jimmy had the Maniototo A&P show yesterday (Agricultural and Pastural for those who are not as learned as I) - and their little lambies won a prize. For being the fluffiest? The cutest? The best at jumping through hoops? No for being the heaviest. I was told off for not taking this's a big prize! Next year they'll all have ribbons around their necks too.
Aims x

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