Thursday, 17 May 2007

Chernobyl 28th Feb 07

So I am nearing a meltdown with all that's going fact am quite proud of myself that I haven't say, shaved my head and had a breakdown like Some People.....but am sure it's not far away. What with....packing my house, organising storage, finishing up work (and the market crashing at the same time), leaving do's, family do's, organising movers to Ranfurly, organising accommodation and cash for S.A, getting the perfect book for the plane (you know, Important Stuff) it's a wonder I can sleep at night. Bring on the 13th. Jimmy and I are both so tired we'll probably have one glass of champers and then drool on each others shoulders for the whole flight. And miss Friends dubbed in Spanish? I hope not!
On another note, am not very nostalgic at the end of summer...I certainly had my fill of lovely sunbathing and singlets....I won't miss those annoying mozzies at night that's for sure. One bit me on my back last night Right Where I Couldn't Reach. Must have been Hitler re-incarnated.
Don't forget to say Rabbits tomorrow and get a lucky month!
Aims x

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