Thursday, 17 May 2007

Frenetic weekends 19 Feb 07

Stupid things I have done on drunken weekends in the city (all pre-Jimmy obviously)

Given my number to random guys who then call me at work and I have to talk to them in my very quiet office

Stolen a pair of Ugg boots from the Icebar at the Viaduct and wore them for the rest of the night

Chucked a drink on one of our best clients at the pub, who luckily thought it was funny

Had a bender with 3 completely random people because I didn't want to go home (FOMO - Fear of Missing Out)

Made myself a burqa out of a curtain at Pasha

Suggested to a girl I had seen in our building a couple of times that we should get together for coffee....all the time! She agreed!

Moral of the Story: It's time for me to hang up my drinking trousers and get out of the city!

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