Thursday, 23 April 2009


Antonia meme'd her devoted followers today, so I thought I'd put off doing some work, and meme back. Having done the meme, I've read through it, and it makes me sound like a total grumpy cow. This is entirely correct. I am very cat's-bum today. Work has been seriously full on.
So meme it is - questions and answers. Answers are supposed to be in the form of a song title, but I agree with Antonia, reading detailed personal answers are much more interesting.

1. Are you a male or female: Female. I think I have a lot of testosterone though as I am a grumpy, impatient, decisive person, with no time for shopping in large wittering groups, exclaiming over each other’s purchases.

2. Describe yourself: See above. My mother says I’m sensitive, generous and the life of the party (when she is happy with me). Rude, aggressive, and bullying (when she is not). Friends say I am funny, loyal, generous. Enemies probably say I am a bitch. Rich says I’m crazy but he loves me anyway. Basil thinks I’m God.

3. How do you feel about yourself: In the words of every teacher I ever had “Amy does not work to her full potential.” I always feel like I’m supposed to better than I am, but am too lazy to be so. There’s always tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and you’ve got no friends, no family is talking to you and you’re living alone with 90 cats and bulk buying Lean Cuisines and family packs of icecream.

4. Describe your parents: My father and I parted company when I was 14 due to my parents’ incredibly acrimonious divorce. It’s only as I get older do I realize how much this must have affected me as a person to have to go through. My sister and I weren’t shielded from any of it. Awful. But, Dad is a great pal to have – I get my drinking genes from him AND he let me smoke inside when I was only 15. My friends were very jealous. He loves music, general knowledge and any kind of information that he can bamboozle his buddies with. He works as a Sales Rep for houseware places and his house smells of cheap scented candles and curry. His capacity for forgiveness is incredible.
My mother is tiny, with bright bird-like brown eyes, and short brown hair. She always wears trousers and red shoes. She hasn’t worked for some time, being married to my step father who was very successful after working his ass to the bone for many many years. He got yelled at in the street once for having a flash car. When he came home and told us I was so mad. He worked SO hard, and deserves that car. Grrr. Digressing. Mum loves anything French and to do with food. Our favourite thing to do together is to go to a deli and pick out some fun ingredients to play with for dinner. I can make her scream with laughter, but more often than not, I make her cry. We can be in the same house for about 2 days, but any longer and there’s friction. It’s sad. But we laugh about it. Basically, neither of us like to back down or say sorry. We are very alike.

5. Describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriends: They were people I liked the IDEA of. But we didn’t get on.

6. Describe your current boy/girl situation: As comforting as some fluffy slippers, worn out dressing gown, purring cat on the lap and Antiques Roadshow on the telly in front of the fire. My happy place.

7. Describe your current location: Work.

8. Describe where you want to be: Not work. Pottering in my garden at my old house. Cuddling with my new niece in her darkened bedroom, cooing at her softly. Cooking at my parents’ country cottage listening to classical music. Having a glass of wine in a funky bar with my friends.
9. Your best friend(s) is/are: people that make me laugh. That’s all you gotta do to be my friend. Oh, and also have cute babies for me to cuddle, or dogs, or cats. Ask for my opinion lots. Offer me your opinion. Don’t be offended when I don’t agree with you.

10. Your favourite colour is: Depends what we’re talking about. Clothes, it’s red. Paint colours, it’s light blue. Flowers – yellow.

11. You know that: Finding and removing an ingrown hair can make a so-so day into a really good one.

12. If your life was a television show what would it be called: I am bad at zippy names. It would probably be a sit com that would run for years and years though, following my first world dramas like what to cook for dinner when the oven is broken, and the season finale cliff hanger – is Basil going to get a younger brother/sister?

13. What is life to you: Something I have to work really hard at. I like this quote: “Each day I rush through so that I can get onto the next” or something. I’m always looking for something better around the corner. As Garth would say to Wayne, “live in the NOW!”

14. What is the best advice you have to give: It’s a bit of a downer actually. “The anticipation is usually better than the event.” Isn’t that sad? Here's a happier one: "What goes down must come up." On my crappiest days this cheers me no end.

So anyhoo. Heading home now - it's still light outside - a miracle. Going to make rack of lamb and watch hours of South Park on Comedy Central with a glass of red wine. Rich is out at football practice (that's soccer for those Yankees out there). Wishing you all a restful and happy night. x


Antonia said...

I love your answers. OH MAN we would make such great shopping partners. In the shop BUY the thing OUT the shop. And my teachers always said the same of me, leading me to feel the exact same way about myself.

I didn't dare answer the parent question in full. Mine went through a really shouty awful breakup when I was 3, then my mum split from my stepdad with more shouty fighty shit when I was 12. But all my family read my blog, so I have to be polite.

5 and 11 are especially brilliant, too.

A x

Elizabeth said...

I love your blogs Aims!! I would say: I know that: finding that Amy has updated her blog can turn a so-so day into good one!

Write a book already xxx

Jen on the Edge said...

Hooray! An update!!! And, one in which I learned a lot about you.