Thursday, 26 March 2009

My brush with quasi-fame

So last night was spent celebrating the birth of wee baby Stella Kate, Amelie’s little sister. I’m heading back to Tauranga to meet her tomorrow so will take many photos to share.
We’re also celebrating Richard’s new job! After what seems like an eternity, but in reality was about 2 months, Rich has been offered a role in sales for a cool new beverage company. He is over the moon, as am I.
So last night meant many champers, brandies and whiskies (am trying to develop a taste for it. Unsure why, but I just read Peta Mathias’s Burnt Barley, her travels around Ireland, and she loooves whisky. I love Peta, so I’m trying to copy her. So far it tastes like smoky nail polish remover, so I have some way to go). My head is rather full of dust and cobwebs this morning.

BUT! As we all know, everyone is allowed a top 5, of people they’re allowed to have sex with even if they’re married or in a relationship. My list goes something like this:

1. Liam Neeson (he may not be up for it quite yet)

2. Prince Harry, or William at a pinch

3. Richard Kahui (latest All Black hero)

4. The guy in those aftershave ads who’s lying in a boat somewhere in the Greek Islands showing off a 12-pack and a well stocked lunchbox. I can’t find it anywhere. If you can, please send to me.

5. Ivan Cleary (coach of the Auckland Warriors rugby league team).

Everyone goes “WHAT????” when I mention Ivan. He’s not classically hot. Nor is he particularly famous. I only know who he is because I have a boyfriend who would watch the Pacific Petanque Championships on Sky Sport if it meant he could open a beer and park up on the couch. But I digress. Ivan and I have an electricity which I can feel through the telly screen. So anyhoo as I mentioned previously, we were out at the pub. I see this guy walk in who looks kinda familiar. I then realise that one of my Top Five is in the same room as me.
Rich immediately goes “I’ll be off home then – give you guys some time to chat.” Ivan takes a seat conveniently directly behind me, meaning I have to find all sorts of reasons to turn around and gawp. Rich kindly offers to change seats with me, having a full view of Ivan’s smouldering, eastern European-ish profile. I decline, because it would probably ruin Ivan’s night, having this half-pissed chick staring at him all night when he’s trying to have a couple of quiets with his mates.
Rich’s number one is Jessica Biel. I fully agree with this, she has to have the most perfect body in the world right now.
When I look at Justin Timberlake’s pics as a teenager, with those zits and albino styles afro, I can imagine how we must look in the mirror standing next to her and know that there is a God. But, Jessica Biel lives a million miles away, and it’s highly unlikely she’s ever going to wander into a pub in suburban Auckland. Rich lives in hope however. I hope to conduct myself with the same grace if she ever does.
So anyway Ivan finishes his second pint and leaves. I stare longingly after him. Then I turn and look into Rich’s smiling face with his lovely blue eyes and cute grin, and I don’t think any more about Ivan. My all-time top of the list number 1 is right here with me.


Jen on the Edge said...

Can't wait to see baby pics! (And maybe you'll humor us with some of Amelie too?)

Pete will always be my #1, but the rest of the list is Daniel Craig, Colin Firth, Matt Damon, and Jason Bateman.

CaliValleyGirl said...

Awww...that is such a sweet post. BTW, thanks for the book tip from Peta Mathias...I had never heard of her, but has a friend who loves whiskey, and goes to Ireland annually on culinary safaris...this would be perfect for turned into quite the hunt: it's out of print, but I found it on for a decent it's on its way from the UK to Germany for her birthday now!

Aims said...

Britt that is so cool! I hope she loves it - she has written lots of other books that are just as brilliant. I saw Peta the other night out in a bar but couldn't think of anything to say - this is a perfect conversation starter!
xxxx Hugs to Rexy xx