Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Still here

OMG so sorry about the lack of updates. Truth be told, it’s not because I’ve been busy doing something interesting, which I’m sure you’re all imagining I was.
No, the reason for my absence is an enormous deadline at work, which if we don’t reach, will have bad ramifications.
So this is my life at the moment:
Get up.
Go to work.
Work like a mad man.
Come home from work.
Eat, watch TV.
Get up.

Etc etc. It is so boring! I even went into work on Saturday, which is something I Never do. I think, if you can’t get all the work you’ve been set done in the hours you’re asked to work, there’s something wrong with your time management skills. But at the moment – the amount of work I have to do far surpasses the amount of hours there are in a day, so Saturday it was. Most unhappy.

Good things though – the deadline is Sept 30th, and my housewarming is on Sept 29th, so will be a great way to celebrate the finish. Cross fingers we make it.

What else is on my radar….the Rugby World Cup has just started in France and I’m all about the All Blacks coming to the party. It has taken over the media here and if you don’t like rugby, you’re going to be getting out a lot of DVD’s. About rugby. There’s even an All Blacks CD, a compilation of songs by NZ artists AND a recording of them doing the Haka. I thought it was a joke until they gave it a good review on our local music channel. We have a sweepstake going at work, and I’m already bringing up the rear (I always pick the outsiders – I feel sorry for them!).

Also getting ready to go the races back home in Hawkes Bay early October- need to get a spray tan and a haircut and generally spruce myself up. I’m going to – horror! – wear a dress I have worn already. This is because my bank account is emptier than an…empty thing, and hopefully, no-one will remember.

While this is very much an “I’m not dead” blog post – here is a picture of Amelie looking super adorable to perk things up. I bought her the t-shirt and the great pic is courtesy of Trish.

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Jennifer said...

Glad to know you're okay and not back in the hospital with another cat injury. :-)

Amelie is SO cute!

Hang in there with the deadline!