Monday, 25 June 2007

I need a good facial obviously

Whilst out shopping at Noel Leeming's for a DVD player I notice an exceptionally old and frail man enthralled in the highlights of the previous night's All Blacks v Sth Africa test. Not having watched it myself, I enquire as to whether we won or not.
"Did we win the game?"
"Did We Win The Game?"
"Oh yes. Yes we did."
"Marvellous," I say and carry on spending the gross national product of Losotho.
Later on he makes his way up to me and says: "We lost the boat race however." I share my pain with him.
A little old lady then makes a beeline for me and says "Are you hitting on my husband?"


Jennifer said...

No! She really said that?!? How on earth did you react? Did you laugh hysterically or were you kind about it?

Aims said...

Definitely the former! But I wasn't sure if she was joking! I thought jeez, 50 years of marriage and she still doesn't feel secure!