Thursday, 17 May 2007

This working holiday doesn't involve much work 23 Mar 07

Hola Chicos, another beautiful day here in Punta del Este...about to hit the beach again. We are in a nice routine of beach, beers and parillas (outdoor woodfired BBQ - never using gas again) with Don and Nic and it's going to be hard to hit the travelling trail again!
Yesterday we drove North to see Don and Nic's farm which was amazing, they have done Such a lot of work. They have built a beautiful Uruguayan style house (maid's quarters!) which they are moving into very soon. Hopefully we can have a couple of nights there on our way back through.
The farm itself was lovely, very very flat and green. I can't tell you anymore details without outing myself as a total mental when it comes to talking farming lingo. But it all looked cool. The workers muster on horseback and have mate (green tea) long lunches and siestas right in the middle of the day which could possible drive the Kiwi farmers crazy who are used to eating on the go.
FInally got to pat an animal yesterday....also saw ostriches, a beaver, bright green lorrikeets, enormous ants and a squished armadillo.
Today we are heading back to the beach and getting around to doing more postcards....also trying to book flights to Bariloche. It's Jimmy's turn on the parilla tonight so off to the supe to buy super cheap beef and enormous red peppers and more litre bottles of Heineken. Oh yeah, ciggies are also $2 USD a packet so I'm afraid it's just to easy to smoke. It will be a serious month of detoxing when we return but hey when in as the locals do.....except for begging at streetlights and going through rubbish bins.
Chau amigos Aims xxx

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