Thursday, 17 May 2007

Super Duper Busy

So trying to juggle work, moving house, planning a trip and a social life is muy muy hard amigos. Oh yeah, and learning Spanish.
Today work was absolutely insane - must be a full moon. Lots and lots of work (funny that). A few scratchy tempers. Having a glass of wine at my desk which is muy muy bien.
Plans accomplished today - printed off some available farms or "estancias" (I'm on a roll) from the Net - some really cool places available it seems. We just have to organise how to get there. I guess it will all fall into place hopefully! So far we could run a shrimp farm in Brazil, a Trout fishing resort in Chile or a great big sheepies and cowies farm in Uruguay. I am running with Brazil since shrimp are very very small and take a lot less work, plus a lot less wool and guts, and less fattening. Downside, can't be arsed learning Portugese as well as Spanish.
Also registered with so that if some eejit takes over the government of Uruguay while we're there they can get hold of us easily. I am slightly paranoid and have also taken 5 copies of my passport and credit cards to give to my family if they don't hear from me - I expect them to come looking. Yes even my sister who will be 9 months pregnant.
Right off home to learn more Espagnol. Buenos noches!

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