Thursday, 17 May 2007

Like a frog in a sock

So my first blog entry - here beginneth the saga of 2007 - preparations to up and move to South America.
At this stage (end of Jan) Jimmy and I are frantically running around trying to get contacts in Uruguay and Argentina (and Chile and Brazil, hey we're not fussy) so that we actually have someone to visit when we step off the plane.
The plan is to go and purchase a farm. This will be interesting. Luckily Jimmy is a farmer but I however am not, in fact when I am visiting Jimmy I wander around going "look at the sheepies! Look at the widdle cows!!" which causes him immense embarrassment. Must learn to say this in Spanish.
Have handed in my notice to work and my landlord and am very much looking forward to getting out of Auckland....has been a great 3 years but time to move on!
Will be updating the plans, and trip (from 13th March to 12th April) regularly so be prepared for rants about government departments, painful jabs, airport queues, tourists and the food.
Wish us luck!Amy

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