Thursday, 17 May 2007

Lighten the mood

Wow! That was all a bit heavy wasn't it. But necessary to get off my chest. Thank you for all your advice and I think we all came to the conclusion that hiding it would make it worse.
So am loving my new flat. Flattie and I are like a couple, but without all the couple sh1t that goes with being a couple. I can do whatever I want, he does whatever he wants, but we cook for each other, have a couple of drinks together, he puts the rubbish out, I tell him when to cover his eyes during Brokeback Mountain. It's great. Maybe it's what a normal relationship is like.
This weekend I am lying very low after the doctor told me I had a sinus infection and hayfever and put me on antibiotics. I am writing a List of Things I Want to Achieve. I intend to cross Everything off. I am going to go for walks, buy Mum's birthday present, make a big pot of soup and finish unpacking. I will also put on the list "lie on couch for 2 hours" and "drink nice red wine" so that I can be sure I will get something done.
Have a great weekend!

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