Thursday, 17 May 2007

Famdangle 14 May 07

I just had the funnest weekend ever AND it didn't involve boozing or any other of those vices that tend to get me in trouble.
I spent the weekend at my step-sisters - a horrible term isn't it? I shall call her my sister. Anyhoo she has 3 kids who are 6, 3 and 1. I re-discovered my inner child and played Hopscotch, Horsie, peek-a-boo, took them for walks, threw the ball to the dog, and read them a couple of chapters of Fantastic Mr Fox. It was brilliant.
My nephew is seriously the cutest thing alive. He is 3 and blond and blue eyed with a dimple right where a dimple should be. He is the only little boy I know that actually likes cuddles. If his Mum and I are laughing about something he'll just crack up too. And he answers rhetorical questions. "Who's the cutest little fluffy bunny in the world?" I'll say. "I am," he'll say quite seriously. And he really is. This is not to say that my neices aged 6 and 1 are not the cutest kids's just that 3 year olds are so funny. That empty clanging noise you can hear? It's my womb.....

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