Monday, 21 February 2011

Bump Watch - 14 weeks

I wish I could say I'd had a large breakfast before Richard took this pic but alas, it's all bump.

Things I am enjoying so far in pregnancy:
  • ORANGES. Sweet, juicy, navel oranges all the way from the USA. The food miles even taste good.
  • The way I lose the ability to walk once sitting down, meaning Rich has to fetch me my orange/iceblock/knitting/remote/phone/cat.
  • The moments where I remember all of a sudden that I'm Pregnant! There's a wee baby in my tummy! I'm gonna be a Mum!
  • Being able to peruse baby clothes and equipment without feeling like a crazy person. I'm ALLOWED.
  • No hangovers.
Things that I'll already be glad to see the back of:
  • The bathroom. I am either heading in there, heading out, or thinking about getting out of bed to go because by the time I actually make my mind up, I'll need to go anyway.
  • The crushing fatigue. Those moments where you have an afternoon of house admin all planned and you get one thing done and that's it - COUCH/REMOTE/ORANGE.
  • Aches and pains. Lower back - yip. Hips - yip. Sides of tummy - yip. Can't get comfortable sitting down - yip.
  • The conflicting advice. Most books say to stop Folic Acid at 12 weeks as it doesn't do anything after that, but a leading pregnancy vite says to take it over the 2nd and 3rd trimester as 'that's when you need it most!' Who do you trust?
In other news we went on a lovely bushwalk this weekend - to here . It was stunning. We're hoping to make a habit of it as long as I can do it - will put some pics together and call it a blog post.

Aims x

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