Friday, 14 August 2009

Foot in mouth disease on the rise

So today I am happy, because Richard is back from a week’s travel away with work. Basil and I have enjoyed having the house to ourselves, getting those annoying things done like sorting out the undie drawer and doing all my handwashing – the laundry basket is actually empty for once – but I am getting lonely.
So I’ve put the special bottle of Pol Roger that I got for my 30th in the fridge, and I’m going to make lamb pita pockets on couscous. Super easy and delicious.
In other news, last night I dyed my hair. I went a bit darker than I normally do, because it’s been looking a bit red lately, which I don’t like. When I say darker, I mean black as a raven’s wing. The box said Darkest Brown. It should have said Darkest Brown, if by Brown you mean Black and if by Darkest you mean Mega. Anyway I quite like it as it’s made my hair really shiny, and my eyes look greener. It’s funny how in books people with green eyes are always supposed to be extraordinarily beautiful, or slightly mystical, or in the very least, bitchy. I’ve had green eyes ever since I remember, and only once in my whole entire life has someone commented on their greenness.
So I turn up to work with my new black hair all blow dried and I’m actually wearing proper makeup (boyfriend’s home tonight makeup). Everyone notices my hair. They are all complimentary. Until one of the girls arrives. Whoa. Goth! she says. I stare. It’s really dark! she continues. I continue to stare. I mean, one of my friends dyed her hair that dark, and really hated it.....but.... I cut her off and say well, happy Friday!
I mean honestly. A little thinking before speaking people!


Jen on the Edge said...

You have green eyes and people don't comment on it often? Why? Is it very common with kiwis? Because you, my friend, should get compliments daily, no HOURLY. ;-)

Aims said...

Oh bless. You make me feel better about my goth hair.
No green eyes are not common..however mine aren't very green....they're kinda hazel green. I wish they were greener! Do you have green eyes too? :-)

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Yes I do and so does Ellie. My sister and father have them too, so I always thought that was normal. A few years ago, however, our eye doctor was looking at Ellie and got very excited. She told us that Ellie's eyes were turning green (it takes a long time, like YEARS) and said that she doesn't get to see green eyes very often.