Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Winter whinges

It’s so cold right now that.....

.....I put a hot water bottle under Basil’s blanket on his chair. Rolled eyes from Richard.
.....I’ve stopped shaving my legs to get extra warmth.
.....I can see my breath when I’m lying in bed.
.....Meat defrosts faster if I put it in the fridge instead of on the bench.
.....I prefer being at work, because of the central heating.
.....I haven’t seen my body for days, apart from brief glimpses when I dart from dressing gown to steamy shower and back again
.....the fireplace is judged, poked, fed, watched over and hugged, all to obtain maximum hotness.
.....the three of us take up 50% of the bed due to the amount of burrowing into each other.
.....I count it as a warm day if I’m only wearing 3 layers UNDER the actual outfit.

It’s really cold.


Jen on the Edge said...

Okay, based on this post I just checked the weather forecast for your area. And then I showed it to Pete and we both chuckled a bit. Next summer (your summer, my winter), I invite you to come up here and see what cold really is. :-)

Then again, I'm getting the sense that perhaps you don't have heat in your house and that would really make things miserable, even if the weather is merely chilly and not actually cold. :-)

Aims said...

Ha - Jen you are right - at least we don't get snowed in and have to wear mittens every day. But, true to the "harden up" Kiwi spirit, very few NZ houses have central heating, or even decent insulation. We don't even have carpet where we're renting. So if it's 3 degrees outside at night - it's 3 degrees inside too!
I miss my old house which had a heat pump AND carpet! Such luxuries! xxx