Friday, 29 February 2008

Cankle-free zone

I just bought a new pair of shoes...the second in 6 months, which is a bit of a miracle for me.

I have had my eye on them for aaaages, after a girl at work trotted in wearing red ones. She bought them new season, up in Auckland, and lo and behold a year later they're out in Tauranga, on sale even, because you can't get drunk and go pole dancing and spew on the pavement wearing platforms love! It's all about the jandals here in the BOP.

Anyhoodle I bought them......I call them Pony, because I look like a knock-kneed foal trying to walk in them. Or maybe that's the 2 glasses of savvy I had at lunch. Nah. It's the shoes.

That pxt gives me serious cankle, which I DO NOT's the one part of me I'm proud of.

Anyway, these babies are going to get a serious work out this winter with some skinny jeans and 3/4 pants. Bring it on!