Monday, 2 July 2007

Office parties

Just had a mad weekend - mid year do with Work. Our social club put on The Amazing Race, and we all had to get into teams and do all sorts of challenges around Tauranga. Our team was called The Quick and The Damned and we dressed up as the Grim Reaper. Well we thought we looked like the Grim Reaper but apparently we were more like the Phantom of the Opera, or Batman. Ah well.
We had to, among other things, make up a hotel bed, do an army drill at the barracks, and pour a drink at the pub, all while we were half-cut. We all ended up back at a lovely restaurant in town (we came third!) and all proceeded to get totally sideways.
Apparently I got home at 3:47am after falling asleep in the taxi, thank god the driver wasn't a nut job, with an exceptionally sore butt. Apparently I fell flat on my ass (the floor was SLIPPERY) while watching the America's Cup race - which we lost - not that I had any recollection of it. I do recall some terrible dancing, and whacking people on the head with my Grim Reaper plastic scythe. Coming to work today was hilarious, with some people very shamed out. Not me though! I had super fun. I hope you all have/had office parties as fun as that!

PS I was very very very quiet on Saturday.

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Jennifer said...

Damn. Too bad I work at home. I never have parties like that with myself.

Sounds like a good time!