Thursday, 5 July 2007


So today, oh faithful readers, I am in nervous anticipation.
You see, I am going on my first ever date. I know. First ever.
There is a reason for this. Most of my "adult" life I have been in very long term relationships. From school, or uni, or you know, those ones that start from meeting at the pub and so on (can't go into details as Mum reads this).
But tonight this date has been set up thanks to some match making work of Trish and my sister. It was very funny indeed. They both emailed this poor guy (neither knowing the other had) and sung my praises. Then he was all, sure, here's my number, give me a call.
So when it came to call him I totally came over all Bridget Jones. First I made sure my room was tidy. Then I went through the contents of my wallet and counted how much cash I had ($32.50). Then I checked I had the right number about ooh, forty times. THEN I finally got the guts up and called. He wasn't there. So I left a really lame message.
BUT...he called back. And we talked for like 20 minutes. And he sounds really nice!
Anyhoo the outcome was we decided to meet for a drink tonight in the Mount. And I am really looking forward to it. If we do turn out to have a connection then that's a bonus, but having moved here and not knowing toooo many people it's nice to make new friends.
Wish me luck anyway!

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Jennifer said...

And we'll get to hear some details, right?

Good luck!