Thursday, 17 May 2007

No 1 Aunt Apr 07

Bonjour mes amies,
I am an Aunt! My little niece was born 2 days ago, weighing 7 pounds. She gave her Mum a problem free labour and is now happily sleeping and eating and eating and sleeping. She does have a pretty good squawk on her and the look on my sister's face during that is priceless, a mix of, oh god please stop, and, who do I give this back to?
Meanwhile back in the Saga of Amy, I have moved into my flat and half unpacked, can't find ANYTHING, and have been down in Tauranga for work the last 2 days. Very flat out and busy and knackerooed. Cold has come back with a vengeance and am worried I'm giving everyone the plague so have finally made an appointment with the doctor.
Tomorrow have organised a lovely picnic with the crew for Anzac Day so fingers crossed for the weather.
Aims x

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