Thursday, 17 May 2007

It's the final countdown 5 Mar 07

Have I got the song in everyone's head now? Excellent.
Yes it's 5 more working days.....40 more working hours.....(to be honest, about 9) and I am so excited I am having to rely on a couple of vinos and a very long Stephen King book to get to sleep at nights. The Stand, if you're interested. I love Stephen King, even if he does kinda look like the missing link - my ex used to be able to do this face that looked just like him.....was very funny. But I digress...
So anyhoo, it's all about the packing this week.....amazing how much crap one collects - have only been in apartment 6 months. Should all be done by Saturday morning. Am going to spend the rest of the weekend supping a few light ales and maybe a snifter or two of port.
Haven't seen Jimmy for 7 weeks which means I can hardly remember what he looks like - I said this to him and he goes "I'm really really good looking" - which jogged my memory. He is mega flat out with a wedding this weekend and finishing stuff off on the farm, so will probably arrive in Auckland on Monday with a couple of supermarket bags full of dirty underwear and no passport.
Just had a brilliant weekend in Taupo with the family - was my step-dad's 60th. Was great to see everyone especially my sister who is 7 months pregnant and still looks like a little girl with a pillow stuffed down her front. We all had bets on what we think she'll have, I reckon a girl and 7 pounds 2, so watch this space.
Anyhoo will get back to doing 6 months worth of filing and tidying.Aims x

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