Thursday, 17 May 2007

Culture shock in the same country Mar 07

Hola chicos, que tal? (that means what's up g?)
Well here we are, across the other side of the country and it's totally amazing and different.
First of all I'd like to high-five Jimmy and I for getting through a 3 hour ferry ride, a 5 hour wait in BA (made better by taking Jimmy to Hooters, where, funnily enough, the waitress had no hooters at all), then a 20 hour bus ride over the Pampas to Bariloche. We did not kill each other once, in fact we had a great time.
The buses here are insanely amazing. I would seriously go back to NZ on one if we could. We were served a 2 course dinner with wine (and whiskey and champers for Jimmy) and our seats folded right back, and they even put a Bob Marley DVD on. It was perfect.
So anyhoo, Bariloche. Very very like Wanaka. It's very clean and tidy and cute, and touristy, but hey we ARE tourists so can't complain. The scenery is stunning and it's very cold. Hard to believe we were sweating on the beach 3 days ago. Last night we tied one on with the locals and ended up sharing a fondue with a couple of Aussies who had been travelling Sth America for TEN MONTHS. Excuse me while I high-five them too for not killing and eating each other. They said the main thing they got annoyed about was the lack of clean clothes.
Today I am nursing a tiny hangover and Jimmy is trying to find a rental car. I think we may even do a wee bit of exercise also. I can still fit my jeans thank Christ but have 2 more weeks of this.
Oh yeah last night seriously thought about adopting a dog we found, man she was cute and was very licky and cuddly. I probably now have ringworm but it was worth it!
Finally I apologise for not being in touch over the emails much, it's very hard to find time to email and this is the first time I've been able to sit for long on the net so please know I love hearing from home and can't wait to see you all again soon.Lots of love,Aims xxx

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