Thursday, 17 May 2007

19 working days to go 12 Feb 07

Not that I'm counting down or anything but only 3 more Monday mornings left.....not that I really mind Mondays...I have more issues with Tuesdays. Can't remember the weekend, boring telly night, too early in the week to start drinking.
Anyhoo have had more jabs - anyone who has had the rabies jab will sympathise when I say I have an enormous lump on my arm that hurts very very much. Kinda like a bee sting mixed with a whack with a hammer. Only 2 more jabs to go in early March and I should be sweet. No doubt I'll get hit by a bus at B.A airport. The boyfriend is terrified of needles and hasn't had any jabs so far to my dismay, am picturing standing by helplessly while a rabid dog latches onto his leg. Hmm.
Have been emailing friends who are in Sth America and they are all raving about it which is great. Really can't wait to get there now and it does feel finally like it's around the corner - have to start packing up my place! Rats.
Have a good week, Amy.

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